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Kitchen Remodeling

Your kitchen is the core of your home and should be enjoyed by family and friends. By partnering with Ohayon Construction your kitchen upgrade will be in the hands of one of Los Angeles’s premier kitchen remodeling contractors. Our approach is centered around your vision where we listen to your design ideas, choose a budget that works for your lifestyle, and then move forward with you as a member of our team.

We understand remodeling your kitchen is one of the biggest projects you will ever undertake which is why our team of expert craftsmen is there to minimize stress and communicate with you through each project milestone.

After the initial consultation and design budget, we will physically remove the old kitchen back to the studs, move any walls, and install new electric, HVAC, or plumbing systems as needed. Then we will mount beautiful new high-quality kitchen furnishings, custom cabinetry, and appliances. The Ohayon kitchen remodeling team offers A-Z service and will collaborate with outside professionals as needed like architects, designers, and engineers to complete your unique kitchen remodel concept.

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